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Being injured by a product can be devastating. We should be comforted by the fact that products are made with quality and safety in mind. In some cases, this is just not the case and people are injured by a range of household and workplace products. Everything from an infant’s crib to safety equipment on a construction site has been the subjects of product liability cases. When negligence or carelessness lead to injury, it is important to contact an attorney that can adequately assess one’s case and passionately fight for just compensation. The Law Office of Robert B. Linder is an experienced Englewood, New Jersey personal injury law firm. Contact our firm for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal matter.

Product liability cases

The validity of a product liability case depends greatly on being able to satisfy the burden of proof. This is the legal standard that asks the plaintiff to provide evidence of negligence in order to recover compensation for a serious injury. Product liability cases often need a comprehensive investigation into the product. It is important to preserve evidence. Many product liability cases depend on proving issues, including:

  • Design defect: That the design of the product was dangerous and led to serious injury. This case would ask the plaintiff to prove that there was a safer, financially feasible alternative and the designer of the product didn’t take the necessary steps to provide for safety.
  • Manufacturer defect: These cases depend on the plaintiff proving that the design was safe and that the manufacturer deviated from the original plans.
  • Failure to warn: Some products are inherently dangerous if used incorrectly. It is important that the product provides clear instructions and warning labels that warn against the risk of improper use. When a party fails to do so, it can lead to serious injury.

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